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Voice Jam Studio – A new voice looper app from TC-Helicon

TC-Helicon, known for their wide range of products for vocalists, has released their new app for iPad, called Voice Jam Studio. The app is aimed at vocalists who are looking to create loop-based tracks, but can also be used by other musicians for their looping needs.

As you can see from the demo video above, the interface of Voice Jam Studio has been kept quite minimal, allowing you to easily create your loops in no time. You have four separate stereo loop tracks to record into, with up to eight minutes per loop. You can also overdub onto those existing tracks, up to three overdubs for each track, giving you a lot of possibilities for layering.

A neat feature about the overdubs is that Voice Jam Studio has a simple "undo/redo" feature that allows you to slide each overdub to the left or right, thereby either "undoing" or "redoing" (not sure either of those are actual words in the English language, but let's go with it) these overdubs as a sort of "on the fly" mixing. The tracks are synced and quantized to the BPM of the track, so it's real easy to keep it in time.

Voice Jam Studio 1

As this app was created by TC-Helicon, the vocal effects take center stage here. There are 50 presets to choose from, and these range from fairly simple to crazy. You've got some simple reverbs and choruses, and some nice doubling effects as well. Of course, I went straight towards the "crazy" effects, of which there are plenty. Effects like Cylon, Deep Detune, Psychedelic Echoes, and Popeye (yep, the cartoon character) all radically change the sound of your voice. For someone like me that does not sing (EVER), these will be handy for doing some trippy spoken-word stuff with great effect.

Below is a really good "Getting Started" video tutorial from TC-Helicon, that gives a great overview of the app. You can see how simple the controls and operation is just from watching.

Voice Jam Studio is, in my estimation, aimed at a more entry-level crowd, but can certainly be used be seasoned musicians. One of the options of the app is to use the front-facing camera to record your session, and this recording can be uploaded to YouTube to share with your friends. This feels like this would be a big hit with the younger set. You can also share to SoundCloud, or save to your Camera Roll right from within the app.

But, here's a real nice surprise for many of you readers. Voice Jam Studio is both Audiobus and IAA-compatible right out of the gate. For Audiobus, it can be used both in the Input slot, and in the Output slot. So, you can use it as a vocal processor, and record into your favorite DAW through Audiobus (even throwing in some effects in between), or you can use your favorite iOS drum apps, synths, etc. and use the app as a looper. A real nice touch there that certainly takes this out of the "toy" category.

There are some other real nice features included here as well. Besides just looping your tracks, you can choose to trigger some of your recorded tracks in a "scrub" mode (good for scratching) or as a one-shot, which plays the track as long as you are holding your finger down. There are also some limited mixing capabilites, such as Level, Pan, Filter, and Q. These can also be automated, albeit in a limited fashion.

TC-Helicon is offering Voice Jam Studio at a launch price of $9.99, which is 50% off the full price. I don't know how long the intro pricing will last, but this price seems like a good deal for a vocal effects app with 50 quality presets, an easy-to-use looper, and some nice video recording features to boot.

If you're thinking about buying Voice Jam Studio, please consider clicking through our App Store link below. Thanks!

VoiceJam Studio: Live Looper & Vocal Effects Processor (AppStore Link) VoiceJam Studio: Live Looper & Vocal Effects Processor
Developer: TC-Helicon Vocal Technologies
Rated: 4+3
Price: $13.99 Download

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