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WretchUp app review – A wild sound mangler from MoM Instruments

Barely controlled chaos. These are the words that I would use to describe WretchUp, a new app from Oliver Greschke in collaboration with the group Mouse on Mars. At its core, it is an effects app that is able to mangle your sounds, but in a good way. Anyone who has read my previous reviews knows that I always like an app that can mangle some sounds, and WretchUp delivers.

As you can see from the video, WretchUp is capable of going to the sonic extremes. With a very simple user interface, it is very well suited for live use, as the controls are big and easy to use. Consisting mainly of four sliders, the interface is uncluttered. These sliders control the delay time, the feedback, and the filter. Moving the sliders up or down will control the level of effect used. Crank them all the way up, and it's a bit of madness. Warning: sometimes things can get a bit TOO extreme, so be prepared to dial it back a bit.


The app is currently designed for iPhone, but works just fine on the iPad. However, it's really designed for the mobility of the phone. being able to grab live sounds and go from zero to crazy. On the iPhone, it is real easy to control each of the four effects with just your thumb.

The app is Audiobus compatible, and what's nice here is that it can sit in any of the three slots. Not a lot of apps out there that can do that. And it's not a gimmick. WretchUp has features that take advantage of this quite nicely. Use it in the input slot, and you can do live recording and add some other iOS effects in the effects slot (again, be careful not to overdo it, or your eardrums will hate you). This allows you to record into your favorite DAW as well. Obviously, in the effects slot you can use this as an effect on your favorite drum machine. In the output slot, you can take advantage of the onboard looper, which lets you record up to 15 seconds of audio. So, you could record an iOS app into the looper, and then manipulate that loop be using the "speed" dial to slow it down, or play it in reverse.

Mouse on Mars wanted an effects device that could be mobile, and what better way than an iPhone app? The development of WretchUp actually started back in 2012 as an indiegogo campaign. Developer Oliver Greschke is working on many new features and improvements, as well. MOM remixed one of their tracks using WretchUp, which can be heard below.

There's a lot of chaos possible here. I never felt like I had complete control over what was going to happen to my sounds, but that's what this app is about. It isn't about fine-tuning a dial to add a touch of delay. It's about wild manipulations. If Syd Barrett were a young musician today, he'd be using WretchUp. For me, this won't be an "every song" kind of app. But for certain "extreme" tracks, WretchUp is going to be in full effect.

If you're thinking about buying WretchUp, please consider clicking through the App Store link below. Thanks!

[app 928543264]



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