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iOS Music and You podcast is back!

Great news in the iOS music world, as Chip Boaz has returned from hiatus to revive the awesome iOS Music and You podcast! The podcast had gone dark since October 2013, but recently came back big with two new episodes.

If you're unfamiliar with the podcast, it is one of the only podcasts that I'm aware of that focuses exclusively on iOS music and apps. Chip runs the show, usually giving us over an hour of content. This includes highlighting a listener track, info on new apps, tips & tricks, and a long-form interview with developers or other dignitaries of the scene.


The most recent two podcasts featured an extensive interview with Christopher Rice (Holderness Media), the developer behind some of the best iOS effects apps available. Previous interviews have included guitarist Derek Buddemeyer (check out his YouTube channel), Alex Matheu (developer of Sliver and GlitchBreaks), Clif Johnston (Apptronica), and Fletcher Kaufman (Sunsine Audio), among others.

Head on over to iTunes to subscribe to the podcast here. You can also check out his website, which has some of the older archived podcasts available as well. Of particular note is the Tutorials section, which is full of great tips for your favorite apps. His overview of virtual MIDI on iOS is a must-read for anyone who is confused by the in's and out's of MIDI.

Chip can be considered an O.G. of the iOS world, so it's great to have him back. He's a great ambassador for us all, and this podcast is the best available. If you like it, be sure to rate it in iTunes (it really helps). Of course, iOS Music and You is also on Facebook and Twitter, so check out Chip over there as well.

[app 578694804]

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