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Fiddlewax Pro version 2.0 hits the App Store with some big new features

I recently reviewed Fiddlewax Pro by developer Adam Kumpf. I was very impressed with the app at the time. I also had mentioned how active Adam had been within the community, specifically over on the Audiobus forums. A lot of users provided some great feature suggestions, and it is clear that he was listening.

Version 2.0 of Fiddlewax Pro just hit the App Store today, and it almost feels like a new version. All the previous goodies are still there, but check out all these new features:

What's New in 2.0
• Directly record audio to create custom instruments.
• Import SoundFont files (.sf2) to use with instruments.
• Import audio files (.m4a, .wav, .mp3, etc.) as samples.
• Adjust sample parameters (gain, offset, attack, & release).
• Updated Audiobus and added remote play/pause.
• Improved circular loop indication.
• Updated user interface and simplified info overlay.
• Expert MIDI mode (adjust volume of each channel).
• Muted chord automation for advanced users.
• Minor bug fixes.

Being able to record your own audio into Fiddlewax to create your own instruments really opens up the app. While the previously included in-app sounds were pretty decent, and the option to use virtual MIDI to control other apps was already there, this is a great new feature. I've always liked using Bismark bs-16i for any type of Soundfont work, but I'm pretty sure that Fiddlewax Pro will now be my go-to app for that. It's incredible how many features have been added, and how many of these came from user suggestions. I made a big deal about it in my previous review, but it's obvious that Adam Kumpf is putting tons of time and effort into making Fiddlewax Pro a user-friendly and powerful app on iOS.


If you haven't picked up Fiddlewax Pro yet, please consider clicking through our App Store link below. Thanks!

[app 905878913]

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