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GuitarCapo + goes big in Version 3.0

While many in the iOS music community has been anxiously awaiting the Black Friday app sales, some iOS music developers have been busy making some massive updates to their apps. Ondes from Olympia Noise Co. recently added some great new features in Version 1.1. Adam Kumpf basically doubled the awesomeness of Fiddlewax Pro in his update to Version 2.0.

And now GuitarCapo+ has just been updated to Version 3.0, bringing with it some extremely cool new features. Check 'em out:

What's New in Version 3.0
- Chord Builder (make/edit/delete custom chords)
- Unlimited chord banks (up/down to change all chord while playing)
- Velocity sensitive strings. Strum slow for lower volume
- 12-string emulation mode
- Play Out mode for on-screen strings
- Compact string mode (improved on-screen playability). iPad only
- Turn on/off background audio
- New settings panel
- Sound Tweaker (EQ/gain manipulation when playing). iPad only
- Bass Along mode (play on the chord buttons and chord pads)
- Dynamic Strum mode (change speed after starting a i.e. slow strum)
- MIDI Pad Mode (Play the chord pads with a MIDI controller). iPad only
- MIDI Play Through.
- Configurable MIDI out channel
- Stop playing strums

GuitarCapo+ has really advanced from a "basic" guitar sim to a full-fledged instrument. Not only can GuitarCapo+ be used for guitar sounds, but recent updates have made it a great MIDI controller as well. For guitarists such as myself, being able to use the chords to play piano is really sweet. You can adjust the strum speed, so you can be playing full chords, and then adjust the speed so you can play arpeggios. The ability to play both upstroke and downstroke chords and arpeggios really give GuitarCapo+ a lifelike feel and sound.


There's just so many more options available now. Using the "Bass Along" mode adds a nice bass note to your chords, which would be handy for solo musicians. The new 12-string sound mode and make-your-own chord option really helps you break free of "standard" first-position chords. Check out another demo showing some of the neat new features:

I'm a guitarist, so I usually try to play my own guitar on my tracks. But of course that's not always possible. Whether you may be travelling, making music on your daily commute, or of course you don't own a guitar, GuitarCapo+ is an amazing app for adding guitar to your tracks. Of course, it is also Audiobus and IAA compatible, so you can even send it through some of your favorite effects apps, like ToneStack of JamUp Pro. I highly recommend this app!

If you're thinking about buying GuitarCapo+, please consider clicking through our App Store link below. Thanks!

[app 765105890]


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