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KORG Module has arrived

The long-awaited KORG Module has hit the App Store today, and with an introductory price. Starting today, and running until December 11th, Module is on sale for $29.99. This includes the five modules Acoustic Piano, Electric Piano, Clav, Organ, and Multi.

Also new to iOS musicians today are the two sound libraries, which are also on a special introductory price. The Ivory Mobile Grand can be purchased for $19.99 (normally $29.99), and the Wurli piano is available for FREE (normally $9.99). These prices are also available until December 11th. Just a heads-up: you're going to need to be on iOS 8 in order to use KORG Module.


As mentioned in my preview post earlier this month, these new modules are also available to be used as "gadgets" in KORG Gadget, if you already own that app. If you don't own it, good news there too! It is also on sale for the next two weeks for $29.99.

Speaking of sales, the recent IAP gadgets in KORG Gadget, Abu Dhabi and Bilbao, have also seen their first sale prices, with each of these gadgets available for $6.99 until (you guessed it) December 11th.

If you're thinking about buying KORG Module or KORG Gadget, please consider clicking through our App Store links below. Thanks!

[app 932191687] [app 791077159]

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