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Monthly Archives: December 2014

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AudioShare gets a massive update – An amazing app gets even better!


AudioShare, the absolute must-have app from Kymatica, just got a MASSIVE update today. Seriously, check out the list of new features below: MAJOR NEW FEATURES • New and improved visual design. • Auto-zoom when trimming audio. • Apply fade in/out when trimming audio. • New built-in text editor for taking notes. • WiFi Drive: Access Rock On →

iCathedral Organ app review – The latest app from Crudebyte

Crudebyte has released another new app, hot on the heels of the recent Oriental Strings app. The new app, called iCathedral Organ, is obviously an app focusing on cathedral organ sounds. If you’ve got a desire to play some Bach organ pieces, or you’d like to brings some big church organ sounds to your services, Rock On →

Voice Rack: FX – A new(ish) voice effects app from TC-Helicon


TC-Helicon has released a new app called Voice Rack: FX. The app is a “stripped down” version of the previously released Voice Jam Studio app, which I reviewed back in November. When I say “stripped down”, this doesn’t mean that Voice Rack: FX is a “lite” version of Voice Jam Studio. This new app is Rock On →

FLUX:FX app review – An amazing effects app from Adrian Belew and Noiise


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, you’ve likely heard about (and been anticipating) the release of FLUX:FX. Brought to us by Noiise, a collaboration between guitarist Adrian Belew, Mobgen, and Elephant Candy, FLUX:FX is proving to be worth the wait. For all of you rock-dwellers, let me get you Rock On →

Elastic Drums app review – The new synth drum app from Oliver Greschke and MoM Instruments


December has seen a wave of new apps being released. Among those is the much-anticipated Elastic Drums app. Developed and designed by Oliver Greschke (with contributions from Matt Davey), and published by MoM Instruments in collaboration CDM (Create Digital Music). Oliver and MoM Instruments were also the masterminds behind the wild & crazy WretchUp app released Rock On →

Piano Wiz – A new app to help with scales and chords


Piano Wiz is the first app from developer Henrik Larsson, and focuses on assisting with chord and scale look-ups. This app is a great learning tool, and a nice mobile utility app for when you need to know that chord on the go. There’s also some nice features for ear training here as well. If Rock On →

Limiter – A new app from Amazing Noises


The new app Limiter has just been released on the App Store. While this app is being sold under the developer Amazing Noises, it is a collaboration between Maurizio Giri (Amazing Noises) and Alessandro Petrolati (apeSoft). This was the same team that gave us the great GliderVerb app quite recently. Limiter serves a very simple purpose, Rock On →

Oriental Strings for your iPad – A new release from Crudebyte


Oriental Strings was just released for the iPad yesterday by Crudebyte, the developers behind the popular CMP Piano and iSymphonic Orchestra apps. As the name would imply, this app is an orchestral app with with some Arabian flavor. Much like the recent iSymphonic Orchestra app, Oriental Strings contains high-quality samples of instruments arranged in roughly Rock On →

SoundPrism Electro has arrived – A new app from Audanika


Audanika, the developers behind the classic SoundPrism Pro app, have released a new app in the SoundPrism series called SoundPrism Electro. While it shares many features as the previous SoundPrism Pro app, SoundPrism Electro brings some great enhancements and new sounds to your iPads. As seen in the promo video above, the interface is very similar Rock On →

FM4 synthesizer has been released, and is awesome.


OK, I can admit when I am wrong. When Nis Wegmann of Primal Audio first reached out to me to tell me about his new “80’s synth” called FM4, I was rather ambivalent. I may lose some people here, but I don’t like the sounds of 1980’s synths. They conjur visions of Jan Hammer’s “Miami Vice” theme Rock On →