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Elastic Drums app review – The new synth drum app from Oliver Greschke and MoM Instruments

December has seen a wave of new apps being released. Among those is the much-anticipated Elastic Drums app. Developed and designed by Oliver Greschke (with contributions from Matt Davey), and published by MoM Instruments in collaboration CDM (Create Digital Music). Oliver and MoM Instruments were also the masterminds behind the wild & crazy WretchUp app released in October of this year.

Elastic Drums is all about synthesized drums. No samples here. If you like your drum sounds electronic, you've probably been waiting for this app. The fun is in tweaking knobs to get your sound. And there is plenty of opportunity for tweaking here.

What you've got is six separate channels, a step sequencer of course, and four effects channels on top of that. Check this out:

- Ten different drum synth models
- Twelve parameters per synth engine
- Four send channels, master effects, with stutter, delay, compressor, reverb
- X/Y control for effects
- Parameter automation for synth and effects

The different screens in Elastic Drums will be familiar to most iOS drum app aficionados.  The 16-step sequencer is straight forward, as this is where you'll enter your hits for each pattern. As you've got six different channels per pattern, you'll use the six numbered buttons to the right of the grid to switch between these channels. For each channel, you can choose from ten different synth sounds. These range from classic percussion sounds like kick, snare, and hi-hat to more toned sounds such as a wobble and some FM sounds. Each of these sounds come with some great presets to get you started.


You could easily arrange an entire track using just the presets alone, and call it a day. But, then you really wouldn't be taking full advantage of what Elastic Drums has to offer. You can add effects on each separate pattern. And when I say "effects", there is a stupid amount of effects to choose from. Distortion, bit crush, flanger, chorus, stutter, reverbs, and on and on. You've got four different effects that you can use per pattern, so you can radically alter your sound from one pattern to the next. The parameters of these effects are set on the X/Y grid, and are fully automatable as well.


You can check out some of the sample sounds from the developers below:

Technical details time: Due to "Apple being Apple", the developer had to pull the Audiobus integration prior to getting Elastic Drums approved. I have no idea what Apple is bugging about, as this was working just fine during beta testing. But AB support, as well as IAA compatibility is on the way very soon. I'm real excited to get this on the 'Bus, and run it through apps like WretchUp or FLUX: FX. The app is currently designed for iPhone, but there is an iPad-optimized version on the way as well. The app supports iOS 7 and above.

I'll be the first to admit, I'm not the President of the Electronic Drums Fan Club. But I've had an absolute wonderful time playing with this app. I'm a sucker for automating effects, so even taking a simple 4/4 beat can get crazy quick. I managed to get some very industrial sounding tracks here in a very short time. There's just so much control over the sounds here, with both global and synth specific parameters to adjust.

This is the type of app that is not served well just by the written word (I promise this isn't just a 'cop out' for not writing a more robust review!). I definitely recommend checking out the demo videos above for Elastic Drums in action. This is a hands-on app. You really need to dive into this app to truly appreciate it. If you haven't bought Elastic Drums yet, it is currently on launch sale until December 24th for $3.99. This app could very easily be considered as THE best synth drum app available. Grab it now!

If you're thinking about buying Elastic Drums, please consider clicking through our App Store link below. Thanks!

[app 817419955]

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