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Voice Rack: FX – A new(ish) voice effects app from TC-Helicon

TC-Helicon has released a new app called Voice Rack: FX. The app is a "stripped down" version of the previously released Voice Jam Studio app, which I reviewed back in November.

When I say "stripped down", this doesn't mean that Voice Rack: FX is a "lite" version of Voice Jam Studio. This new app is simply all of the same 50 vocal effect presets in one app, without the looper and video camera/YouTube integration included. If you've been interested in just getting the effects, but didn't need the looping or camera performance recording functionality, this is the app for you.

There's not a savings in terms of app size with the new app, but the price is half of what Voice Jam Studio currently sells for. At $4.99, this app is a steal. These effects are real nice. (WARNING: The following paragraph was stolen word-for-word from my previous review of Voice Jam Studio).

There are 50 presets to choose from, and these range from fairly simple to crazy. You've got some simple reverbs and choruses, and some nice doubling effects as well. Of course, I went straight towards the "crazy" effects, of which there are plenty. Effects like Cylon, Deep Detune, Psychedelic Echoes, and Popeye (yep, the cartoon character) all radically change the sound of your voice. For someone like me that does not sing (EVER), these will be handy for doing some trippy spoken-word stuff with great effect.


The app is both Audiobus and Inter-App Audio compatible, and is Universal. That fact that Voice Rack: FX can be used on your iPhone (where Voice Jam Studio is iPad-only) may also be a selling point for some of you reading this. There are also four buttons in which to save your favorite presets, for "on-the-fly" effects changes. This is obviously pretty boss for live perfomances. If you're interested in getting some high-quality effects (which are intended for vocals, but don't overlook these for some neat sounds on guitars, synths, etc.), then this app at this price is a pretty easy decision.

If you're thinking about buying Voice Rack: FX, please consider clicking through our App Store link below. Thanks!

[app 950058913]

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