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MicSwap Pro gets an update – Now Audiobus and IAA compatible

I recently reviewed MicSwap and MicSwap Pro, a microphone emulation app that simulates different microphones. That review can be found here. In that review, I mentioned that I thought the app was a great entry into the iOS marketplace, as there really aren't any mic sims available other than MicSwap.


One of the others things I mentioned was the absence of Audiobus or Inter-App Audio (IAA). Well, that has now changed, due to the new Version 1.2 update. The updates are for the paid MicSwap Pro version, and allow you to place MicSwap Pro into either the input, effects or output slots of Audiobus. This allows you to send your vocals through your external mic straight through MicSwap Pro and on through to some effects apps and into your favorite iOS DAW. Very nice. Or, you can of course put MicSwap Pro in the output, and use it to record your iOS instruments through Audiobus, adding some mic sim flavoring to the final recording. Using MicSwap as an effect in Audiobus will give you some nice tonal differences as well.

If you were holding off on buying MicSwap Pro before, due to the lack of AB or IAA, wait no longer.

If you're thinking about buying MicSwap Pro, please consider clicking through our App Store link below. Thanks!

[app 935826909]

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