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Audreio – Wirelessly stream audio between iOS devices

I find myself to be in the fortunate position to own more than one iOS device. While I use my iPad Air 1 almost exclusively for making music, I do dabble a bit on my iPhone 6 as well. Having upgraded from the iPhone 4s, I've found the extra screen size of the iPhone 6 motivates me more to play than I had in the past. But, to date, it's always been just idle noodling. With the introduction of Audreio, that might change.

Audreio allows you to wirelessly stream uncompressed audio between iOS devices. This takes place over a local network, and utilizes Inter-App Audio (IAA) capabilities to do so. Very simple and uncomplicated.

Open the app on both devices, and decide which device will be the sender, and which will be the receiver. On the sending device (in my case, my iPhone), tap on the "+" symbol and choose which IAA-enabled app you want to use. On your receiving device (my iPad), tap the "+" symbol, and choose "Sean's iPhone" (for example). That's it. They're linked.


To record into a DAW, simply open Audreio as an IAA input, and play and record like you normally would. I tested Audreio with both Audioshare and Cubasis, and it worked perfectly with both.

There's not much else that needs to be said. Even though I generally use my iPad as my sole device, there are a few apps that I prefer to use on my iPhone. I find that Thumbjam and iKaossilator are easier for me to use on the phone, but of course I can't have Cubasis on my phone. Now, with Audreio I can use these apps on my phone and record right into Cubasis effortlessly. As I've just begun getting into making loops in iKaossilator and Figure to use in Launchpad, I can also record these on the iPhone into Audioshare with ease.

The app is currently selling at an introductory launch price of $4.99. I'm not sure how long that is scheduled to last. If you've got a need to stream audio across devices, Audreio is a very affordable and simple app to meet those needs.

If you're thinking about buying Audreio, please consider clicking through our App Store link below. Thanks!

[app 950038525]

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