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Singaling app review – An easy to use vocal effects app

As far as vocal apps go in the iOS world, there are quite a few to choose from. While these may focus on mic simulations (see MicSwap) or provide a suite of effects (VocaLive, Voice Rack FX), perhaps you are looking for something quick, simple and effective. Singaling may be the app for you.

Offering six different effects in an easy-to-use interface, Singaling can provide instant real-time vocal effects. Here's the list of effects, courtesy of the App Store description:

● Reverb: Schroeder reverb with adjustable room size and decay time
● AutoPitch: Super low latency (<11 ms) pitch correction with adjustable octave/harmony, key, and scale
● Chorus: Classic, flexible effect with adjustable rate and depth that adds warmth or gives you a psychedelic experience
● Delay: Twin delay lines with up to 2000 ms delay.
● Filter: Separate high and low frequency cutoff biquad filters
● Distortion: Adjustable gain and bit crush

As you can see from the tutorial video above, using these effects is as simple as tapping on the effect name. Two adjustable sliders for each effect allow you to control the individual parameters for each effect. Four master controls can be used to adjust the input gain, effects mix amount, the noise gate, and the output gain.

A nice starting point for Singaling is the presets. Included are 19 presets which provide several variations on each effect style. You can of course make some changes to these presets, and save your edits as your own presets.

Tweaking the sliders here in Singaling can provide you with some very nice subtle reverb or doubling effects, or you can get a bit crazy by combining multiple effects for some real swirly, wobbly psychedelics. You can adjust the key of the AutoPitch, as well as the scale in the Settings menu.


As the app is both Audiobus and Inter-App Audio (IAA) compatible, you can use Singaling with other iOS apps, or use it to add some effects to pre-recorded audio clips from Audioshare. In my testing, everything worked really well with both Audiobus and IAA. The sharing features offer some neat touches as well, as you are able to record in the app, and send a voice message through text message or email, or send to Audioshare or Airdrop with ease.

The app comes with video tutorials and an online manual included in the help section.

Singaling is a real nice app at a very affordable price. While some of the other vocal apps may offer more power, the price tag on those are at least double the price of Singaling as well. For pure "bang for the buck", Singaling is a great choice for vocalists looking to add some nice effects to their iOS tracks.

If you're thinking about buying Singaling, please consider clicking through our App Store link below. Thanks!

[app 711002696]

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