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Jam Maestro gets a big update!

Jam Maestro, one of my favorite guitar apps, just keeps getting better. Today brings us an update to Version 3.1, which brings these great new features:

- Export tabs to PDF/TXT file!
- Export to midi file.
- Import any midi file as guitar tab.
- New strum speed panel, ability to precisely set the strum speed in the tab manually rather than having to strum the desired speed live. Can now also adjust the strum speed of a group of selected notes/chords simultaneously.
- Pitch bend can now bend up to 2 semitones instead of 1.
- Pitch bend made more sensitive so can perform a vibrato effect.
- App now registers support of file types '.mid', '.jam', '.jamzip', '.jmdzip', '.jmdmidi' - all which can be opened directly from external apps via 'Open in app'. Useful for opening a midi file from within another app, or opening a .jam file from the Mail app that someone has sent to you.
- All files now have a little mail icon next to them so you can email them directly from within the app.
- Can now change between instrument types without reloading the instrument, eg. Guitar -> Midi/IAA instrument while still preserving the created tab. Useful for when assigning instruments to tracks loaded from a midi file.
- Bass guitars being controlled by a midi controller now respond on 1 octave lower (C1 / midi note 24 and above).
- Critical crash bug fixed when using effects.

If you're a guitarist, and are familiar with guitar tablature, Jam Maestro is a great app for composing. You can record live into the app by playing the virtual fretboard, or you can enter notes in tab. It's also got a great virtual drumkit, and comes with some nice effects to boot!

Ryan has done a whole series of video tutorials on Jam Maestro. Here's just one of those:

Check out the whole series of videos here.

The developer David Blake has done tremendous things with Jam Maestro, and it really is a one-of-a-kind app. If you're a guitarist, or just wish you were, you really owe it to yourself to check out Jam Maestro.

If you're thinking about buying Jam Maestro, please consider clicking through our App Store link below. Thanks!

[app 596628003]

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