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reve – The new iOS album by blooms

There's been a ridiculously good amount of music released lately that have been made using iOS devices. Luckily for us, one more just hit yesterday. The album reve by blooms has just been released on Bandcamp, and it is solid.

A great mix of ambient music, with some funky beats thrown in, reve is an auditory treat. It's dense, but not overly complicated. Headphones are definitely recommended for this album, as there is a lot going on here in the mix. I'm a big fan of the musician Disparition (heard on the "Welcome to Night Vale" podcasts), and bloom's work definitely sits right up there with Disparition. Very ethereal, but not in an Enya sort of way.

I reached out to bloom to get some details on the apps used, and his workflow. Here's some of his response: "i usually start out with samples either ripped from vinyl ($1 bin records and soundtracks) or from the far reaches of the obscure vinyl blogosphere. after trimming them down in audioshare, i route them into samplr, beatmaker2 or (more recently) beathawk, and insert effects from vandelay, turnado, final touch, aufx:space and/or flux:fx. to create basslines and keys i use alchemy, mitosynth, laplace and sunrizer. i also occasionally add some live guitar into it, either dry or through MIDImorphosis to play a synth. to make the beats i use seekbeats, WR6000 and drumjam. i route all of this into cubasis, where i get around 9 or so loops (10-20 seconds each). then i use audiobus to feed cubasis back into itself, and fade loops in and out of one another to form the song".

As you can see, there's a lot that went into this album. I particularly liked the track cadas, which can be heard below:

The album is listed as "Name your Price". Definitely check it out here. Please consider dropping a few bucks on this. Also, check out bloom's Soundcloud page here, and his previous two albums on his Bandcamp site here. This is good stuff, people. Don't miss out!


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