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AUFX: Push has arrived – More effects wizardry from Kymatica

I could easily make this my shortest review ever.

Go buy this app. The end.

But I suspect you might be looking for more from me. So, the latest in the AUFX effects series is called AUFX:Push. It is a compressor, featuring side-chain compression, a limiter, and a noise gate. Check the video below to see it in action:

There's a lot of technical detail here that I'm not even going to pretend to be able to describe in detail. Here's the App Store description for a full listing:

• High quality 32-bit DSP engine.
• Compressor/expander with optional lookahead buffer.
• Allows negative ratios for pumping/cancellation effects.
• Hard or soft knee with adjustable radius.
• Built-in side-chain low/high cut filters with monitor toggle.
• External side-chain input through Inter-App Audio or Audiobus.
• Built-in noise gate.
• Brick-wall lookahead limiter.
• Hard/soft clipper.
• Supports "parallell compression".
• RMS/Peak envelope followers with attack, release and hold time.
• Switchable between Linear and Logarithmic mode.
• Automatic makeup gain.
• Stereo link on/off.
• Process hardware input/output, or other apps through Inter-App Audio or Audiobus (input/filter/output slots supported).
• Save, load and share user presets.
• Supports Audiobus 2 state saving.
• Comes with several bundled presets.
• Fully MIDI controllable, including Virtual MIDI.
• Background Audio.
• Record the result directly in app.
• Email recordings or export to AudioShare audio document manager app.
• Access user presets and recordings through iTunes File Sharing.

Of course, since it's a Kymatica app, the interface is as simple and elegant as you would suspect. Part of the beauty of his apps is that everything is laid out right in front of you. Push retains the same look and feel as the other AUFX apps. Clean, and somewhat futuristic looking. These always remind me of "Tron".


I'm not an expert in mastering or sound engineering, so compression is not something that I can speak to in great detail. I know that there are a few other apps that do it on iOS, but I do believe that this is the first stand-alone compression app available. Luckily for a novice like me, adding AUFX:Push into my chain with Igor Vasiliev's excellent Audio Mastering app makes me sound like I do know what I'm doing. The app comes with 20 presets, and the ability to save your own custom presets.

Technical details time: The app is universal, and of course is both Audiobus and Inter-App Audio (IAA) compatible. The app, as with the other AUFX apps, is tiny at around 4MB. And speaking of tiny, the price is a measly $4.99 USD. It is absolutely mental that you can get such quality at this price. Also supports both landscape and portrait views, which is nice.

There are a handful of iOS app developers that I would swear by. Jonatan Liljedahl is one of them. AUFX: Space is one of my absolute go-to effects apps. In fact, I have to consciously NOT use it for fear of overdoing it. Along with Christopher Rice (Holderness Media) and my new favorites Klevgränd Produktion, Kymatica apps are absolute no-brainer must-buys.

If you're thinking about buying AUFX:Push, please consider clicking through our App Store link below. Thanks!

[app 958106165]

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