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Dedalus app review – Another wild effects app from Amazing Noises

Amazing Noises, developers of recent effects apps Limiter, Reverb FDN, and GliderVerb, are at it again. Keeping up with a sprinter's pace, they have just released their latest app, Dedalus - Delay Audio Mangler.

Two thing right out of the gate. If you've got "Mangler" in the name of your app, you've got my attention. I love apps that can manipulate your sounds into something completely different. Apps like Sliver by Alex Matheu and SECTOR by Kymatica fall into this category for me. Second, I love this app icon! I don't know what it is, but it is so cool to look at!

Dedalus is part delay, part sample mangler, with the ability to flip your sounds on their head. The app, another collaboration with Alessandro Petrolati of apeSoft, maintains the same look and interface as their previous apps. This makes diving into Dedalus easy. For example, Dedalus also uses the Snapshots Pad found in other apeSoft apps like iVCS3 and Sparkle.

Sound sources can either be imported into Dedalus, or you can use Dedalus in Audiobus or Inter-App Audio (IAA). This will change how you can manipulate the sounds. By importing a sample, you have the option to change the playhead scrubber speed, even reversing the sound if so desired. Obviously, using live input you cannot.


As with the other Amazing Noises apps, you can automate the parameters using a variety of options. By double-tapping on the parameter, you can select to use MIDI control, the device's accelerometer, or LFO. It's this level of control that makes these apps so special. Taking even the simplest drone note and adding an LFO to the pan will instantly breathe new life into the sound.

Among the parameters that can be tweaked are the pitch, feedback, and delay times. MIDI clock synch works great for the delay as well. All of these parameters are on sliders that provide a wide dynamic range, so you can really get crazy, or keep it a little more subtle. Based on whether you're using the Free Mode, Sync Mode, or Pitch Mode, some of these parameters will change.

Like many of the Amazing Noises effects apps, I would guess that Dedalus would appeal to those more prone to experimentation. Definitely an app for those that like to get creative with their sounds, Dedalus stays true to its name, and can mangle with the best of them. That's not to say that you can't add some nice delays without destroying your sound. I lost hours to this app last night, just tweaking parameters and marveling at the different sounds.  If you are interested in painting with a different brush, go check out Dedalus today.

If you're thinking about buying Dedalus, please consider clicking through our App Store link below. Thanks!

[app 953953694]

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