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Monthly Archives: March 2015

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Borderlands Granular update will be released March 30th


Yes, it is true. The long-awaited, highly-anticipated update to Borderlands Granular will be released March 30th. While it may have been a long time coming, it is definitely worth the wait. Check out the demo video below for a teaser: New features include Audiobus compatibility, “Open In” functionality from Audioshare, Inter-App Audio (IAA) instrument, scene Rock On →

Monotone Delay gets updated for Audiobus 2 support – and is FREE for a short time!


Monotone Delay, the great KORG Monotron Delay emulation from Justus Kandzi, just got updated today for iOS 8 and Audiobus 2 compatibility. This app is a sweet little gem, and does a great job of putting a Monotron on your iDevice. Check out the side-by-side comparison below (the interface has changed slightly since this demo): Rock On →

Speed Bumps – A new album by thinds


A new album from thinds just hit Bandcamp today, called Speed Bumps. Made exclusively on iPad, the five song EP can be purchased for $3 USD here. Speed Bumps by thinds Using mainly the e-l-s-a and brother apps from developer Erik Sigth, along with Novation Launchpad, the album is a bit hard to classify. Part ambient, Rock On →

Digital Jeepney releases a fantastic new patch set for iVCS3


Digital Jeepney (aka Hazel Pascua) has continued to share her knowledge of the enigmatic iVCS3 app, and today has released a new (free) patch set for the app! You can download the set at the Dropbox link over on her blog, found here. There is even a new YouTube video highlighting some of the sounds Rock On →

FM4 Preset Competition is on!


Some of you may recall that I wrote an app review of FM4 when it was released in December 2014. This brilliant FM synth from Primal Audio is a great sounding synth, and a ton of fun to fiddle around with. As I mentioned in my review, the interface has all the knobs and controls on Rock On →

Secret Shadows – The new album from Frozen Lonesome


In February I wrote about a few musicians who were participating in FAWM, the February Album Writing Month project. One of those musicians was Frozen Lonesome, aka Steve Raizen. The end result of that project has now been released as a full album, titled “Secret Shadows”, and is available for purchase on Bandcamp. Secret Shadows Rock On →