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Secret Shadows – The new album from Frozen Lonesome

In February I wrote about a few musicians who were participating in FAWM, the February Album Writing Month project. One of those musicians was Frozen Lonesome, aka Steve Raizen. The end result of that project has now been released as a full album, titled "Secret Shadows", and is available for purchase on Bandcamp.

As I mentioned in my previous article, Secret Shadow was sort of a concept album, focusing around the themes of mad scientists and werewolves. Prevalent through the album are clips from the classic movies “The Man Who Changed His Mind” and “The Mad Monster”. It's easy to get into the mood of these old films while listening to the tracks, as they are great accompaniment for these clips. With some of the synth sounds, you can just imagine the tesla coils cracking while the mad scientist howls.

Not content to just put out an album, Steve also created a video for one of the tracks, titled "I Pay for Everything". As is usual with his videos, it is quite a ride.

This album is also a great showcase for many of the brand new apps to hit the iOS market recently, including Zed Synth, Dedalus, SoundScaper, and AUFX: Push, just to name a few. Check out the whole list of apps used below:

Apps used include: Elastic Drums, apeFILTER, Mitosynth, ThumbJam, Borderlands, Loopseque, Dedalus, AUXFX:Push, AUXFX:Dub, Vandelay, Svep, CubeSynth, Gadget, SoundScaper, Photophore, Earhoof, ZEDSynth, TriqTraq, ReverbFX, AltiSpace, Crystalline, StereoDesigner, NodeBeat. Recorded and arranged in AudioShare and Auria. All tracks finished in AudioMastering.

The album is available now on Bandcamp, for whatever price you'd like to pay. Click here to buy it today. It's another great album from Frozen Lonesome, and really does deserve a few spins on the virtual victrola.




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