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FM4 Preset Competition is on!

Some of you may recall that I wrote an app review of FM4 when it was released in December 2014. This brilliant FM synth from Primal Audio is a great sounding synth, and a ton of fun to fiddle around with. As I mentioned in my review, the interface has all the knobs and controls on one screen, making it ideal for sound-shaping possibilities.

The good folks at Primal Audio are hoping that you may be interested in shaping some sounds as well, and have just launched a "preset competition", with a prize coming in the form of two promo codes (one for you, and one for "your granny" - this is straight from the press release, people). There will be ten presets chosen for prizes.


Since releasing FM4 in December, Primal Audio has created a FM4 Lite app, which is free, and can be downloaded below. If you don't have FM4 yet, this is a great way to try out the app, and to build your own presets for the competition.

Winners will be announced on their Facebook page after the competition ends on April 1, 2015. So, get crackin'!

FM4 Lite (AppStore Link) FM4 Lite
Developer: Primal Audio I/S
Rated: 4+
Price: Free Download

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