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Digital Jeepney releases a fantastic new patch set for iVCS3

Digital Jeepney (aka Hazel Pascua) has continued to share her knowledge of the enigmatic iVCS3 app, and today has released a new (free) patch set for the app! You can download the set at the Dropbox link over on her blog, found here. There is even a new YouTube video highlighting some of the sounds in the new set. Check it out!

The set consists of over 50 presets, ranging from some classic iVCS3 madness to some extremely playable piano presets. I've only had a chance to breeze through these this morning, but I am loving these. There are quite a few of these that make great use of the keyboard, for those of you who are more based in melodic sounds. These have a very gritty, "lo-fi" sound to them. Later in the set is where these take on a very "sci-fi" turn, with all the blips and bloops you'd expect from this app.

I've previously highlighted the tutorials over on the Digital Jeepney YouTube page. Since those first two tutorials that I mentioned, there have been three more released, including an excellent tutorial on the sampler in iVCS3. Check this one out:

If you're interested in iVCS3, I HIGHLY recommend checking out these tutorials (and subscribing to the Digital Jeepney channel). This app tends to be very confusing at first, and still is to me! These tutorials have reinvigorated my desire to dig into this app. Huge thanks to Hazel for these great tutorials, and the fantastic new patch set!

If you're thinking about buying iVCS3, please consider clicking through our App Store link below. Thanks!

[app 665703927]






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