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Speed Bumps – A new album by thinds

A new album from thinds just hit Bandcamp today, called Speed Bumps. Made exclusively on iPad, the five song EP can be purchased for $3 USD here.

Using mainly the e-l-s-a and brother apps from developer Erik Sigth, along with Novation Launchpad, the album is a bit hard to classify. Part ambient, part electronic, it morphs and evolves within each track. One way I would describe the sound is "futuristic calliope music". Now, I'm not sure if thinds would agree with that classification, but the synth sounds and melodies reminded me of some kind of strange future world, yet vaguely familiar. The addition of some funky drum beats helps keep the tracks moving.

A standout track to me was "Fifty". This track seemed to encompass everything. A very cool synth sound, with some funky percussion sprinkled in. Definitely best enjoyed with headphones, this track has a lot of pieces weaving in and out. A nice trip.

The album is instrumental, with a few vocal samples thrown in on a few tracks. I was glad to see an album using apps that I don't hear used often. Admittedly, I have e-l-s-a, but it sits in my "Unexplored Apps" folder. Listening to Speed Bumps, I most definitely need to give e-l-s-a some playing time.

Check out the rest of thinds' Bandcamp page, as he's been quite prolific. As always, please support your fellow musicians!


Also, if you're interested in some of the apps used on Speed Bumps, check out the App Store links below. Thanks!

[app 833671355] [app 445457935] [app 584362474]

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