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Monotone Delay gets updated for Audiobus 2 support – and is FREE for a short time!

Monotone Delay, the great KORG Monotron Delay emulation from Justus Kandzi, just got updated today for iOS 8 and Audiobus 2 compatibility. This app is a sweet little gem, and does a great job of putting a Monotron on your iDevice. Check out the side-by-side comparison below (the interface has changed slightly since this demo):

As you can see from the video above, the app plays just like the hardware counterpart. You've got a single oscillator, a frequency modulating LFO, a lowpass filter and a delay. You can switch the LFO between a triangle and square wave. The knobs are for the rate of the LFO, the intensity of the LFO, the lowpass filter cutoff, and then the last two knobs control the time and feedback of the delay. You can get some pretty long delays here.


The developer created a demo track, which can be heard here. If you're into some wild sounds, this will be for you.

The developer has also made the code open-source, which can be found here:

As if all that weren't enough, the app is now free for a limited time! Click on the App Store link below to get it today!

I've just started getting into synth hardware, and the KORG Monotron Delay was next on my list of machines to buy. Now, having this app up and running on my iPhone, I can hang on to my money for a little while longer. This app pairs beautifully with apps like AUFX: Space, Crystalline Mini, or Echo Pad, just to name a few. Hours of fun just tweaking around the sounds in Monotone Delay. A very happy day to see this update!

[app 737483162]

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