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Elastic Drums gets a universal update

The fantastic drum synth app Elastic Drums just got a much anticipated update this week, going universal. The new layout is great on the iPad, putting all the controls right at your fingertips. Check out the new preview video to see it in action:

I previously reviewed Elastic Drums back when it was released (found here). It's easily one of the best drum synths available. Combining an easy-to-use step sequencer with deep control over the sounds, this app is a gem. In case you didn't read the last review, here's some app features, courtesy of the MoMinstruments site:

Elastic Drums is an iOS app with 6 channels of synthesized sounds, a step sequencer and 4 effect channels, all tweak-able in an elastic way.

– 6 synth channels with 10 different percussion synth engines
(kick, snare, hihat, clap, tom, wobble, fm, fm4, square, grain)
– 12 parameters for each synth engine
– automation for each parameter via knob recording or velocity
– 4 send effect channels with 2×11 mono effects and 2 x 9 stereo effects
– automation for all of the 8 possible effect parameters via xy pad
– master effects (stutter, delay, compressor …)
– 16 step sequencer for the 6 channels, each with own tempo multiplier & length
– record audio and export to Soundcloud or Audioshare
– email audio recordings and presets
– iOS 8 supported
– Audiobus supported
– Inter-App audio (IAA) supported with transport control
– Midi start/stop/sync


Sequencer and parameters screen ("instr" tab)


 Master controls and pattern screen ("arrange" tab)

If you're into creating your own drum sounds using synthesis, this app is a must-have. There's a ton of control over everything from pitch, to filters, velocity, and effects. There's automation available as well, so you won't be stuck with static drum sounds. And if you're just starting out with drum synthesis, Elastic Drums comes packed with presets. The developer Oliver Greschke reached out to the iOS community, asking for presets. And the community delivered. A lot of variation in these presets, and these could be a great way to get started if you're intimidated by starting from scratch.


Effects screen ("effects" tab) - up to four effects, with a huge X/Y interface

Elastic Drums knocked everyone out when it first hit. The iPhone version scaled up fine on the iPad, but was clearly not designed with the iPad surface in mind. This update uses all of the screen well, putting everything you need in just three screens. It's also worth noting that this universal update was a free update, which is very much appreciated. If you were holding out on picking up Elastic Drums because it wasn't universal, your wait is over.

If you're thinking about buying Elastic Drums, please consider clicking through our App Store link below. Thanks!

[app 817419955]

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