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Weeel! from Klevgränd is released – MIDI pitch bend and modulation control from your iOS device

The developers over at Klevgränd have just released another new app, this one with the whimsical name Weeel!. Designed as a X/Y pad to control pitch bend and modulation for hardware devices that may lack a physical wheel to do this.

Here is there launch video, which (sort of) shows off the app:

As you can see from the video, these guys are having fun with this app. Originally designed for internal use among the developers, they decided to release it after getting requests from friends. At $0.99 USD, it's a great little utility if this is something that you need. And, as they state on their website, "Please note: This app does not alter or create any sound at all. It only transmits MIDI data. If you’re not exactly sure what it is for: do not buy it." These guys are great.

I've reviewed the other effects apps from Klevgränd in the past (found here), and I'm an unabashed fan. These guys think outside the box, and their interface designs are unique, useful, and beautiful. There's a good chance that you have no use for this app whatsoever. And that's fine, these guys are looking to get rich from this app. But, if you are someone who has an external MIDI keyboard without a pitch wheel, this is a great cheap option.

If you're thinking about buying Weeel!, please consider clicking on our App Store link below. Thanks!

[app 979187573]

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