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New release from Adam Matza – Transitions

The "holiday" of 4/20 saw a new album release from Adam Matza, called "Transitions". This album is very heavy on the experimental side, and has a very live feel, owing to the fact that these tracks were live improvisational sessions at Hendricks Isle Studios (Fort Lauderdale) and live public performances between September 2014 and March of 2015 in Fort Lauderdale and Miami.

I'm not certain which apps Adam used in these performances, but it sounds like there is some TC-11 in there. I know Adam is also a big fan of Animoog, so I wouldn't be surprised if we are hearing some sounds from there as well. (EDIT: Adam reached out to me and let me know that he did use Animoog here, as well as Alchemy (R.I.P.), iVCS3, Thicket, Strange Attractor, a bit of Sunrizer, and a touch of Gestrument. No TC-11 on this one).

I've reviewed a previous release from Adam, Refractions & Echoes, which was released last September. Much like that album, Transitions features some extended tracks that simply require headphones and the right frame of mind. This isn't "cruising in your car" music. To me, this is "lights out, comfortable bean bag and other assorted goodies" kind of music. This will not set your toes tapping, but it will send your mind somewhere that perhaps it has not yet gone before.

Check out this sample track that I particularly enjoyed. It's called Escape Plan. It does a great job of using panning and spacing to really place you into the song. The guitar bit halfway in could have come straight from David Glimour's Binson Echorec II from "Live at Pompeii". Again, put on those headphones.

It's available through Bandcamp for $5 USD. Either click on the "buy" button in the Bandcamp embed above, or click the album cover below to be taken to the Bandcamp page. Enjoy!


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