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Johnny Mini hits the App Store

Christopher Rice (Holderness Media) just released the iPhone version of his sweet tremolo effects app, called Johnny Mini. As with the others in the "Mini" series, this version has all the fun of the iPad version, but for your iPhone. If you missed the release of the iPad version, here's a demo video showing it off:

The interface on the Mini version is a bit different from the iPad version, as it does not have the large X/Y pads. However, the interface is straight-forward and simple to use. Check out some screen shots below:


Main Interface - Sliders to control your parameters


Settings screen - Control buffer size, MIDI input, BPM and more

If you didn't catch my original review of Johnny, you can read it here. The Mini version has all the bells and whistles of the original, which is great. Audiobus, IAA, Core MIDI, MIDI over Bluetooth, it's all here. This isn't a stripped-down version, but merely a revamped interface for your iPhone.

I've begun using my iPhone as an effects tool for my MicroBrute, so these iPhone versions are exactly what I need. The whole line of Holderness effects apps now are available for iPhone (read more here). I really appreciate that Chris is bringing all of these to the iPhones, as I can now use my iPhone for something other than Facebook and podcasts.

If you're thinking about buying Johnny Mini, please consider clicking through our App Store link below. Thanks!

[app 984831386]


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