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Steel Guitar 2.0 – a big, big update from Yonac

Steel Guitar, the (obviously) steel guitar emulation from Yonac, just got a massive update with Version 2.0. It's essentially a brand new app (but a free update to previous users). Completely overhauled is the sound and interface, with loads of new guitars, effects and amps. Check out this fantastic demo.

I'm a guitarist, and I've always told myself that some day I'd learn proper slide guitar techniques. My level of slide playing today is essentially just noise making. But with Steel Guitar, I'm very quickly able to put together some incredibly convincing sounds.

So, highlights of the update. First off, it's universal, which I love, since I primarily use my iPad. The big playing surface allows for easier picking of the individual strings. Loads of new guitars have been added. These cover the range from lap steels, acoustic and electrics. And to top it off, many of the amps and effects from ToneStack have been included.


Steel Guitar has quite a few presets included, which highlight both "country" sounds (think lap steels), but some gritty blues rock sounds, and even a Pink Floyd psychedelia trip. This sounds straight off of "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun".

There's a lot of MIDI learn capabilities here as well, so if you are using external controllers (sadly, I am not), you should be able to control volume swells and such.

Yonac has put the app up for free for a limited time, so absolutely go grab it now. There are some IAP's included to unlock the rest of the guitars, amps, and effects, and these are all reasonably priced. HOWEVER, skip that, and just go buy "The Whole Enchilada" IAP right now. It's priced 50% off for this update, and only costs $4.99. You'll get all the sounds, the in-app recorder and more. Trust me, this is so worth it.

If you're still not convinced by the video above, check out this audio demo:

Click on the link below to get Steel Guitar today!

[app 323813692]










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