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Free App Alert! Guitar Lick Master (and IAP’s) FREE for a limited time

With the recent update to Yonac's Steel Guitar app, and the release of Positive Grid's BIAS FX, guitar apps seem to be in in the spotlight lately. And just today, developer Ninebuzz has made their guitar training app Guitar Lick Master free for a limited time.

The app features different packs of guitar licks to learn, each with 25 solo licks. The base pack includes the "Texas Trouble" and "Classic Rock" pack. There is also a "Mystery Pack" that can be unlocked by sharing on either Facebook or Twitter (I won't ruin the surprise as to what his pack is, but you should definitely get it).

There are two other packs that can be purchased from the in-app store, but these are also free now for a limited time. These are "Voodoo Fire" and "Metal Masters".

Each lick appears in standard and guitar tab notation. As I learned how to play guitar through guitar tab magazines back in the day, I appreciated the tabs. The nice thing here is that you can choose to play each lick at normal or half speed. You can also choose to loop the whole lick, or small sections of each lick (these are generally broken into 3-4 parts).


Once you think you've learned it, you can play along with the app (real nice sound samples for each lick), and even add a metronome to help keep you in time.

Developer Ninebuzz has quite a few training apps available that you may want to check out as well. Search for Ninebuzz Software in the App Store, or check out their website here. Some of the apps are iPhone only (but can be used in 2x mode on your iPad), so be sure to check out both categories if you're searching in the App Store.

Now's a great time to work on your solos for free. Big thanks to Ninebuzz Software for making this app free! Go grab it now!

[app 892538655]

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