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Hexaglyphics – A new noise generator from the future

Hexaglyphics is a new noise generator app from develope Nicola Pisanti, and it is a trip. Check out the very helpful User Guide video from the developer for a good overview.

As you can see, visually this app evokes thoughts of The Matrix. You could say that the sounds it creates would be right at home in a science fiction soundtrack as well. Anyone who has read my previous reviews knows that I really enjoy a simple interface, and it doesn't get much simpler than Hexaglyphics. One screen dominated by the playing surface, with four small columns for the oscillator timbres, one small column for a latch/percussion selector, and a big ribbon down the side for the filter. Love it.

The playing surface is immediately intuitive, and similar to such apps as Bebot. Frequency on the X axis, amplitude on the Y axis. By combining either multitouch or a single finger, you can achieve a surprising number of sounds. Each timbre has a very unique sound, and when using the filter, you can get very expressive. Be sure to try using both one finger and two fingers on the filter to adjust the frequencies.


As the name would imply, this app falls squarely in the "noise" category. There are no set scales or keys or really any indication of note placement. The app is all about feel and expressive playing. There is no MIDI in, as the app is meant to be played on its surface. You can play some very haunting lead lines with this, almost theremin-like, but you can also create some industrial chaos.

One of my go-to effects apps is AUFX:Space by Kymatica. I find it makes any app sound massive, and Hexaglyphics is no exception. Running Hexaglyphics through Audiobus into AUFX:Space adds some depth, and can accentuate some of the lower register of the sounds. If you really want to get going, add AUFX:Dub in for some delay action. I haven't even begun to try this through FLUX:FX, because that might just rip a whole in the space-time continuum. This app is all about experimentation. As I write this, I'm now itching to manipulate some of these sounds in Borderlands Granular as well. This app is definitely generating some creativity in my own head.

I'm a big fan of noise apps. I can spend hours playing with Droneo, Giant Isopod, and SpaceVibe. My wife always asks me when I'm going to record a "nice" song. Hexaglyphics is going to fit real nice into this category of apps for me. Simple to use, yet surprisingly versatile, it's a captivating app. And, if you act quick, you can grab this at a discounted launch price of $3.99 USD (until May 22nd). Go check it out in the App Store today!

If you're thinking about buying Hexaglyphics, please consider clicking through our App Store link below. Thanks!

[app 963852820]

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