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Diode-108 gets a big first update – MIDI sync and note in, Audioshare and Audiocopy, and more

Diode-108 just got a big, big update, bringing in MIDI sync, MIDI in, and improved options for bringing in your own samples. Here's the new Press Release straight from the Vibrant Digital Engineering.

Vibrant Digital Engineering releases version 1.1.0 of its acclaimed Diode-108 Drum Machine for iPad

Vibrant’s Diode-108 gets a variety of new features with the latest release, including MIDI Note In with MIDI Learn, MIDI sync to allow Diode-108 to sync with popular iPad software like Cubasis, Gadget, and Loopy, support for more interapp standards such as AudioShare and AudioCopy, and new Special FX.

Diode-108, initially released just last month, is the first product released by Vibrant Digital Engineering, a new company in Eugene, Oregon formed by former Disney and Sony consumer software developers with credits on dozens of shipped titles over the few decades.

The drum machine is notable for per-step effects, Note Mode pitched drum and melody-making support, and over 40 licensed drum kits from respected sample providers Dubsounds, Samples From Mars, Orange Tree Samples, and 99Sounds. Loading samples, mixing and matching kits, making new kits, and sharing kits is fully supported.

Songs can easily be constructed by dragging and dropping patterns into a song list, and drum sounds can be altered in myriad ways.

New features in 1.1.0 include AudioShare and AudioCopy (in addition to Dropbox support) for easy sample import and sharing, MIDI Note In with learn support, MIDI sync for tempo matching and automated start/stop for tight coordination of multiple iPad apps, and three new Special FX.

With Diode-108’s controls, it’s easy to build amazing new grooves. Diode-108 is already being used by musicians, and the new features make this drum machine even more useful.

Check out one of the new videos from the developer:

I reviewed Diode-108 when it was first released (click here to revisit that Pulitzer Prize-winning review*). At that time, I said that I will be using Diode-108 over DM1 going forward, as it just has more to offer. Today, that statement is even more relevant, as these new features really make Diode-108 a serious drum app.

If you're thinking about buying Diode-108, please consider clicking on our App Store link below. Thanks!

[app 969339770]




*not actually true.

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