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Monthly Archives: June 2015

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Patterning – An upcoming app from Olympia Noise Co.


Olympia Noise Co., the developers behind the outstanding apps Ondes, dotMelody, and Chordion, have just published a sneak peek at their newest app, call Patterning. Check out the teaser video below. As you can see, Patterning is a drum sequencer that has a very different UI from your typical sequencer. Vaguely resembling Loopseque, but clearly Rock On →

apeDelay – Another great effects app by apeSoft


I’ve been a fan of apeSoft apps for quite some time now. Not only is there the “trio” of apps (iDensity, Stria, and iPulsaret) that were released a while ago, but the incredible iVCS3 synth. The iVCS3 is an amazing emulation of the classic (and rare) EMS VCS3 hardware synth. If developer Alessandro Petrolati has stopped Rock On →

Syntorial for iPad has arrived – An interactive app for synthesis training


The synthesis training software Syntorial has just been released for iPad. Available previously on PC and Mac, now you can learn all about sound synthesis on the go. With 129 interactive challenges, you’ll learn not only what those synth parameters do, but how to hear sound in order to create sound. Each lesson will walk Rock On →

strng – The newest app from Erik Sigth


The latest app from developer Erik Sigth (Humbletune) is a string synthesizer called strng. Based on the Karplus-Strong string synthesis (read more about it here), emulates the sound of a string being plucked. Per the developer, “The physical modelling starts with a short burst of noise that then guided by a tuned delay buffer and Rock On →

Korvpressor from Klevgränd arrives – A new compressor/ limiter for your iPad


After taking an unexpected (and welcomed) departure into creating a synthesizer with Enkl, the developers at Klevgränd have returned to making effects apps with Korvpressor. Complimenting their already outstanding distortion app (Squashit), delay app (Vandelay), reverb (Røverb), and phaser/flanger/chorus (Svep), Korvpressor is a compressor/limiter app. I’ve highlighted how much I like their previous efforts here, and Rock On →

Arpeggist app review – A new stand-alone arpreggiator from VirSyn


If you’ve been involved in the iOS music app scene for even a short time, you’re probably familiar with the developers VirSyn. Known for their excellent iOS synths (Tera, Cube Synth, and others) and effects apps (AudioReverb, Harmony Voice, iVoxel, etc.), VirSyn has a legion of fans. Those who have used their synth apps are also Rock On →

Looking for some audio mastering? Take a look here!


There’s more to creating great tracks than just inspiration and performance. If you’re serious about your music sounding its best, you’ll want to consider mastering. On the iOS app front, we do have a few good options in Igor Vasiliev’s Audio Mastering, and Final Touch from Positive Grid. These apps come with some good presets Rock On →

Classic App Review – GlitchBreaks by Alex Matheu


I’ve been a huge fan of the app Sliver from Alex Matheu ever since it was released. But I never did try out his other popular app, GlitchBreaks – until now. Originally released way back in April 2012, GlitchBreaks is a universal app that does exactly what you’d think it does – creates glitch drum Rock On →