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Looking for some audio mastering? Take a look here!

There's more to creating great tracks than just inspiration and performance. If you're serious about your music sounding its best, you'll want to consider mastering. On the iOS app front, we do have a few good options in Igor Vasiliev's Audio Mastering, and Final Touch from Positive Grid. These apps come with some good presets out of the box, and plenty of flexibility in mastering your tracks.

But, what if you don't know what you're doing when it comes to mastering? If you start messing around without knowing what you're doing, your track can get pretty unlistenable pretty quickly. And here's where Adam Matza comes in.


Readers of this site may recognize Adam's name, as I've featured a few of his albums (here and here) in the past. Now, Adam has begun offering his audio mastering services.

As a way of launching his service, Adam is offering free mastering on one track, to show what he can offer. Please note that this free track is limited to five minutes or less (sorry epic prog rockers and ambient droners, keep it short). You can check out some of his work here, or shoot him an email at He'll give you the lowdown on costs, details, etc.

"As an experimental musician and voracious consumer of music, I am well-versed in all styles and genres," Matza said. "I want to work collaboratively to put the final touch on someone's musical creativity."

If you've got a track that you'd like to give a special treatment, or are thinking about putting out an entire album and want it to sound its best, give him a shout. Tell him iOS MARS sent ya.

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