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strng – The newest app from Erik Sigth

The latest app from developer Erik Sigth (Humbletune) is a string synthesizer called strng. Based on the Karplus-Strong string synthesis (read more about it here), emulates the sound of a string being plucked. Per the developer, "The physical modelling starts with a short burst of noise that then guided by a tuned delay buffer and string tension filter, generates plucked string like sounds". Check out the demo below.

Similar to the other apps from Erik Sigth, the interface has a minimal look, which encourages the user to rely on their ears to dial in the sound they are looking for. The app does have a two-octave virtual keyboard, but can also be used with a Core MIDI external keyboard. The top half of the interface contains all of the controls, including the standard ADSR and BPM (which affects the delay). The geometric shapes in the top-center are where you will adjust the length of the "string", the crush and sample rate, and also adjust the low pass filter. Tap and drag to adjust these. There is a numeric value for each parameter, but I found that I just used my ears here, rather than aim for specific values.

To the right of the shapes is where you can adjust the ping-pong delay and low pass filter LFO. These controls are where you can really get wild with your sounds. Simple two dot control for the ping-pong delay will set the feedback amount and delay time divider. As I mentioned before, here is where the BPM comes into play, as this can control the rate of the delay.

The low pass filter LFO can be adjusted by manipulating the two grey dots, which control the resonance and the divide. Each dot represents a channel, and each channel amount ("wetness") can be adjusted by sliding up or down inside each semi-circle (took me a few times to find this).


As I said, the interface  is very minimal. I really like synths that have all of the controls in one screen, as I can get overwhelmed sometimes by the sheer amount of options in the "bigger" synths (think Thor). This app reminds me of apps like Enkl, FM4, and LaPlace, where exploration and experimentation will yield some fantastic results. I was able to achieve some dark, ominous sounds very easily here, and pushing strng through apps like AUFX: Dub or Crystalline gets even better. One of my favorite combinations is using ToneStack in the effects slot, and using the Echorex and PolyOct effects. This made strng sound huge and scary. This app is great for playing with different effects.

I'm still relatively new to the Humbletune line of apps. I've got e-l-s-a and VoiceBot, and am equally impressed with those. If you have used any of Erik's other apps, you'll definitely find something to like with strng. Same style of interface, and "out there" sounds. If you're looking for a non-traditional type of noisemaker that encourages experimentation, then strng is an easy recommend. The app is currently selling for $1.99 USD, which is a ridiculously good bargain for this app. Check it out at the App Store link below!

If you're thinking about buying strng, please consider clicking through our App Store link below. Thanks!

[app 993782289]

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