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apeDelay – Another great effects app by apeSoft

I've been a fan of apeSoft apps for quite some time now. Not only is there the "trio" of apps (iDensity, Stria, and iPulsaret) that were released a while ago, but the incredible iVCS3 synth. The iVCS3 is an amazing emulation of the classic (and rare) EMS VCS3 hardware synth. If developer Alessandro Petrolati has stopped there, he'd be a legend. But he's also created some amazing effects apps, such as Sparkle, and his newest app, apeDelay.

This video is a pre-release version, and the interface now has more interactive features (see screen shot below)

Much like Sparkle, and some of his collaborations with Mauricio Giri (Amazing Noises), apeDelay is an effects app that can take your sounds and transform them. Sporting a familiar interface, and many of the same automation features of these other apps, apeDelay has the ability to go from zero to outer space in no time.

I'm going to just quote the App Store description here, as this stuff is a bit over my head in exactly HOW it works.

apeDelay "implements up to 2048 Stereo Spectral Delay lines with Feedback. The algorithm is based on the STFT (i.e. Short Time Fourier Transform) analysis/re-synthesis. The audio signal is converted in abstract ‘Frequency Domain’, where is manipulated and transformed back again in ‘Time Domain’".

While I don't know exactly what that all means, I do know that this app is accessible and fun to play with. You can draw by hand the waveshapes for the delay time, delay feedback and panning. Flip the shapes vertically, horizontally, etc. Or, you could start out with some of the excellent presets provided by Stuart Kilbride (RedSkyLullaby) and Clif Johnston (Apptronica). These presets show off the wide range of possibilities here.


One of my favorite features of the apeSoft and Amazing Noises effects apps are the ability to control the parameters with an LFO. This is present here in apeDelay as well. I find I always have to tame myself down from adding too much, but at times I stumble into something amazing while overdoing it.

This is definitely an app for musicians not afraid to push the boundaries. Experimentalists, noise, or ambient musicians should definitely find some usage with this app. I'm not sure I'd ever use this in an AC/DC tribute band, though. But since I'm the kind of guy who can spend hours mangling sounds in my effects, apeDelay is a killer. Definitely another winner from apeSoft.

If you're thinking about buying apeDelay, please consider clicking through our App Store link below. Thanks!

[app 963192812]

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