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electrocelte 9.0 – The new album from Supersonic Tartan Death Machine

The new album from Supersonic Tartan Death Machine named electrocelte 9.0 has just been released on Bandcamp. Boasting an always interesting mix of electronic sounds and beats with traditional bagpipes and Irish whistles, STDM creates some great tracks. You may recognize the name from a previous write-up back in February, when I featured STDM in my post about FAWM.

Here's some album info straight from the Bandcamp page:

Welcome to the 6th full album release by Supersonic Tartan Death Machine. This music was created between Fall 2014 and May 2015. It is again a mystical and highly varied ride through Celtic lands, in the 21st Century. Electronic sounds, modern beats and technological wizardry meet the primal sounds of pipes, Irish whistles and the voice of a man who grew up surrounded by the music and song of a vibrant Montreal Irish Pub scene. It is a tip of the hat to many styles and genres, but the listener will eventually recognize; it is Jeff McCarthy doing what he does best: bringing the sound of bagpipes to the people.

The songs speak of love, loss and worlds teetering on the edge of apocalypse. The latter are thoroughly fantastic "what if" tales rendered into song. The menace is there, but let it not deter the listener. These are dark worlds that do have an exit door at the other end of the tunnel...

The instrumental tracks can be traditional, they can be improvisational, they can be downright different. One is in fact a traditional military style march composed as a tribute to a lost friend.

If you're interested in picking up electrocelte 9.0, or any of the other STDM albums, check out the Bandcamp link here. And remember, support your favorite musicians!


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