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Frobulator – A wild new effects app from Matthew Caldwell

A new effects app called Frobulator has just hit the iOS world. Billed as "an experimental stereo-modulated filter and spectral delay app", it most certainly lives up to that. This is the first app from developer Matthew Caldwell. Check out the demo below.

If you've read my previous reviews, you know that I really enjoy experimental apps. I very much enjoy taking a simple sound and trying to destroy it, leaving some semblance of musicality remaining. Frobulator is fantastic at this. It is an app that encourages tweaking knobs, finding your sound with your ears, and not by dialing in certain parameters numerically.

Functionally, the app is essentially a modulation effects app. Frobulator doesn't necessarily take the straight path here, and what exactly is happening ain't quite clear. The modulation is taking place by way of sine wave LFO's, and these are "controlled" by using the "vexity", "orbit", and "doubt" knobs. I am fairly certain that this is the first app to feature "doubt" as a parameter. If you're into the technical side of programming, Matthew has explained some of the "under the hood" details over on his web page here.

So, how does it sound in the context of a song? Matthew has created quite a few examples for your listening pleasure below.

Not only is Matthew an app developer (with two more apps in development), but he's also a fairly prolific musician as well. Check out his SoundCloud page (under the name WalkyMatt) here for some of his previous work. Completely off-topic of Frobulator, but I couldn't let the opportunity pass by without highlighting my favorite track of Matthew's (and one of my favorite iOS tracks period) called "Hide and Seek". This short little track must be listened to with headphones, and preferably in the dark.

So, after all that jibber-jabber, let's talk about the price of Frobulator. It's free. Yep, free. You have zero excuses from getting this app, unless you're on iOS 7, in which case maybe your pet dinosaur can help you upgrade to iOS 8. Click the link below to get Frobulator from the App Store!

[app 993500586]

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