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The Most of It – A new “greatest hits” album from Evangelos Koudonas

I've featured a lot of musicians and their albums here on iOS MARS, and the majority of those musicians make music that would be described as electronic, or ambient, or dance/EDM. But today, I'm here to tell you about the new album from Evangelos Koudonas, called "The Most of It". This album is all about the guitar, which as a guitarist myself, I am pleased to hear and excited to share.

This album is sort of a "greatest hits" collection, gathering 15 older songs and two brand new tracks. This dude can flat-out play, and this album does a magnificent job of showing his range. From straight ahead rockers ("The Rocker", "Tour De Force"), to some jazzier numbers, and one track that would be right at home on David Gilmour's next solo effort ("Under the Moon of Tuscany"), this is some amazing work.

Evangelos wrote, played guitar, keys, synths, bass and drum programming on the majority of these tracks. He is joined on several tracks by other well-respected musicians that have been featured here before, like Jeff McCarthy (aka Supersonic Tartan Death Machine), Martin Neuhold, Nathan Tillett, Karen Beeri, and Shawn McClure). Many of these musicians are part of the supergroup Rude Duke, who you should also be listening to.

One stand-out track for me on this collection is "Horse of Arabia", with Colin Powell (aka A Multitude of One). Some sweet riffs on this track, and solos galore. This track is heavy.

The album is available on Bandcamp here. The album is listed as "Name Your Price", so in theory you could grab it for free. But consider, Evangelos lives in Greece, so maybe you can help save the Greek economy and the Euro by throwing a few dollars his way? There's some great rock and roll here, so go check it out!



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