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Diode-108 gets a sweet new update – Advanced FX and more!

I've previously written about Diode-108, the excellent drum sequencer app from Vibrant Digital Engineering here and here. It's a fantastic sequencer, full of samples that range from classic 808/909 sounds, more exotic electronic sounds, and even some impressive rock/acoustic kits.

The app just got a nice update today, which added Advanced FX Mode, which allows you to add even more effects per step. While the original version allowed you to add individual effects per step, the update now allows you to add up to 4 changes per step! This is going to allow some creative musicians to get really wild.

In addition to the Advanced FX Mode, there are a few more enhancements as well. Take a look:

What's New in Version 1.3.0
* Advanced FX Mode -- Many FX can be changed 4 times per step with a touch & multitouch interface! Smoothing between steps is optional. Great for smooth parameter changes, complicated hi hat programming, and glitch sequencing.
* Extended sample lengths. Now up to ten seconds per sample!
* Double-tap in PATTERN view for loud and quiet hits!
* Bug fixes


If you haven't picked up Diode-108, you can get it from our App Store link below!

[app 969339770]

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