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Music from The ordinary – A soundtrack and novel from Chris Ritchie

Many iOS musicians are looking for ways to expand their exposure with their music. Many are creating great videos to go along with their tracks, and posting these on YouTube. Others are performing live with their iDevices to spread their music. As SoundCloud continues to become bloated and overrun, it's tough to get your music heard.

Musician and author Chris Ritchie is taking a unique approach. To go along with his second novel "The ordinary", he created an accompanying soundtrack, called Music from The ordinary. Designed to be listened to as you read the novel (but certainly standing up on its own merit), the soundtrack is meant to enhance the story.

While I've not yet read the novel (and I plan to), I've listened to the soundtrack, and it is incredible. Made exclusively with iOS apps, it is a driving, twisting nightmare. Chris used some of  my favorite apps on this album. Per Chris: "Mostly Mitosynth with my own patches plus some Sunrizer, the apeSoft (Dedalus especially) and Holderness FX, spacevibe, plus the Humbletune apps. And DFX. Rock DM and DrumPerfect for beats. No MIDI at all, all live and sequenced in Cubasis". Also some SeekBeats, Earhoof, Elastic Drums and Different Drummer as well. I should also note that the mastering was done by thinds, whose album "sleep, unsleep" I just reviewed.

Not mentioned in that list is some good ol' fashioned guitar, which is always refreshing to hear. I know comparisons can be trite, and are almost always in the eye of the beholder, but I got a definite Dust Brothers/Fight Club soundtrack vibe from this album. Perhaps it's because I went into it thinking "soundtrack", but definitely some of the beats and driving rhythms evoke that same feel.

If you're interested in picking up the album, click here. The album is a "Name Your Price" offering, as is his previous album "music from the house of pigs" (found here).

As I've mentioned, this new album is a supplement to Chris' novel, The ordinary. This book is described as "a twisting tale of otherworldly evil, it's a modern horror parable with themes of porno, the media and the spread of fear in a world doomed by humanity's arrogance". Chris goes on to say "it's got violence and swearing in it, and other stuff like plot and character development, and a touch of twisted humour. There's a bit where a man is fed his own arm. Cracking."

If you're interested in buying the novel, you can get it on the Apple Book Store here, or through the Amazon Kindle Store here (also available in paperback here for all you tree murderers).


This is some really great music. I encourage you to go check out this album, and the novel as well! This album is going to be in my rotation for a while to come.

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