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Tap Delay – A new delay effects app from VirSyn

If you've been involved in the iOS music scene for any amount of time, you likely already own an app or two from VirSyn. While not only a developer that makes great iOS synths (Tera Synth, Cube Synth, etc.), they've also managed to create some great effects apps as well (Audio Reverb, Harmony Voice). To add to that list of effects, VirSyn has just released Tap Delay. Check out the demo below.

Tap Delay is quite obviously a delay effect. What VirSyn has intended with this delay is to recreate the old school analog tape delay machines. While there is some charm to how this was done in the past, having that sound on your iDevice without all the hassle is what Tap Delay is all about. In addition, Tap Delay adds a step sequencer to trigger delays in a very fun, and I believe, unique way. If there are other delay apps also using a step sequencer, I'm not aware of them.

With effects apps, I'm a big fan of simplicity in the UI. While some powerful apps like Turnado have a lot of little buttons and sub-menus, I like apps like the Holderness apps, AUFX apps, and the Klevgrand effects apps. Everything laid out on one screen, for the most part. If I'm looking to do some real-time parameter manipulation, the last thing I want to be doing is switching between menus and screens.


Tap Delay gets it right here. Two rows of 16-step sequencer take up most of the top half, with the graphical EQ and a few parameters dials on the bottom. And that's it. Feedback and volume sliders are on each side and the delay length on top, big enough to control easily in real time. There are quite a few diverse presets included, and these do a great job of showing the broad spectrum of sounds possible.

Of course there are a ton of delay apps already available for iOS. And comparisons are inevitable. Sonically, there are some similarities between what can be done in Tap Delay with another favorite delay app of mine, AUFX: Dub. What Tap Delay offers that may convince you to buy yet another delay app is the step sequencer. This allows you to create some rhythmic patterns in your delay.

Another "plus" for Tap Delay is the filter EQ section. Here you can adjust the low pass, high pass, and band pass filters easily with just a touch of your finger. Rather than adjusting knobs or sliders, you simply drag each of these curves to fit your sound. This feels a lot more alive to me than using sliders, and this could benefit those using this app in a live situation.


The sounds in Tap Delay are great as well. Ranging from some dub rhythms to wild oscillations and broken tape sounds, you can add subtlety or madness to your tracks. With the amount of control over the saturation, rotation, and tape hiss, you can really create something unique. With the step sequencer, you can choose to link the left/right channels, or have different delays on each channel. There is a ping pong option here as well.

I suspect that many of you already own at least one VirSyn app, so I really don't need to go into too much detail about their quality. In my brief time playing with Tap Delay, I didn't experience any issues. Of note is that Tap a Delay is also universal, so you can use this on your iPhone as well. Always a nice touch.

Prior to reviewing Tap Delay, I certainly had a "favorite" delay app. That being said, Tap Delay certainly brings some neat features to iOS that will have me reaching for it on some tracks. The step sequencer is going to open up some ideas that might not have been available before.

Tap Delay is currently selling for 50% as a launch sale price, which is a great deal for this much app. I don't know how long this price will last, so go check it out at the App Store link below.

If you're thinking about buying Tap Delay, please consider clicking through our App Store link below. Thanks!

[app 1020197094]

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