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Oscilab gets another great update – MIDI Note and CC out and now Universal!

I've written several times now about Oscilab, the sequencer/synth/drum machine/"all-in-one" app from developers 2Beat (check here for the review, here for some user sounds, and here for Ryan's video demo). Well, today we got a bit of a surprise with a big new update. Not only is the app now Universal (previously only iPad), but Oscilab can now also send MIDI notes and MIDI CC's out. Check out their new demo video:

I've had a chance to play around with this a bit today (shh, don't tell my employer), and it worked very well. I tried it out with Animoog, and the setup is very easy. I've also hooked Oscilab up to my favorite new toy, my MS-20 Mini, and that worked for sending MIDI notes out to the synth as well.

While the in-app sounds in Oscilab have always been pretty good (either the synths or the samples), now having the option to use the unique waveforms to drive other synths really brings Oscilab into a new realm. I've always enjoyed the somewhat experimental nature of Oscilab, as I tend to just fiddle around until something sounds good to me. Now, being able to use other iOS synths as a sound source, and use Oscilab to control other parameters via CC is crazy.


If you haven't picked up Oscilab yet, please click through our App Store link below. Thanks!

[app 790213913]

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