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Waay: Music theory that matters – A new music theory education app from Ten Kettles

While most of you reading this are using your iPad for music creation, some of you probably use it for other purposes as well. Whether it be iOS gaming, photography, ebook reading, or just surfing the web, the iPad is an amazing tool. But how many of you are using your device for music education?

Waay is a new app from developers Ten Kettles, and it is all about teaching music theory, with an emphasis on songwriting. Starting with some basics about theory, the app progresses into songwriting exercises. Waay can serve either as an introduction to theory for some, or a great refresher course for others.

While many of you come from diverse musical backgrounds, I imagine that there are some like me who never really had any formal training. To be honest, I never learned any actual "theory" until I was around 35. I knew a few scales, but those were only in a couple of keys, and I had only memorized the notes, and didn't really know the reason *why* I was supposed to play those notes. Waay helps teach some basics, like intervals and major and minor scales, which may be common knowledge for some of you.

The manner in which the training is laid out consists of a few videos, with narration highlighted by some key points written on the screen. The flow of the narration is smooth, and in a very conversational tone. It reminded me quite a bit of Syntorial, another excellent learning app on iPad. Each section will end with some exercises to be completed. You'll need to finish each exercise to advance to the next lesson. But don't worry - if you don't ace each section, you can still proceed. But, it may be in your best interest to retake exercises that you may have had difficulty with. The nice thing about these exercises is that they don't repeat, so you won't find yourself slogging through the same series of questions over and over.


I had previously taken an online Music Theory course from Coursera (which I would definitely recommend as well). But the problem there is that I took that course last summer, and have done nothing to refresh that knowledge. Much of what I learned I have forgotten. Having an app like Waay right on my iPad allows me to easily keep my skills honed. The app also keeps a progress report of your learning, so you can see how far you've come.


This app is obviously geared towards musicians who are interested in learning theory and songwriting techniques. So, some of you glitch/noise artists may not have much interest here. But you may know someone, be it friends or family, who might benefit. I sat down with my two daughters, who have had some piano & theory training, and they were able to follow along easily, and really enjoyed the challenge of the exercises.

The app is iPad-only, and has a base price of $4.99 USD. This price covers the first course, "Melodies". There is an IAP (also $4.99 USD) for a second course titled "Chords".  I suspect that there will be future courses added as well.

The app is very smooth, and a great resource for learning more about music theory. I found the scale exercises to be very helpful, and I suspect I'll go back to them as a way of keeping those skills sharp.

If you're thinking about buying Waay, please consider clicking through our App Store link below. Thanks!

[app 974357313]

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