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Free presets for synth-Q – Big thanks to developer Never Be Normal!

Getting new presets for a synth app is always a treat. So imagine my excitement when I saw that the developer of synth-Q had created a whole batch of brand new presets for this great synth.

Did I mention that they're free?


All you need to do is click the link here. These presets are packaged in a .zip file, and I'd recommend that you download these on your iOS device. Using either the web browser in Audioshare, or Safari would be the best route to take. Once you've downloaded the .zip file, simply "Open In" right into synth-Q, and they'll install automatically. Smooth.

I'm counting 47 new presets here, and they're nice. Ranging from a bunch of bass presets, some more arps, and some growlers, these focus on the "x/y feature" of the keys. As I mentioned in my previous review, I'm a huge fan of this keyboard layout, with the 3 stacked keyboards, so these new presets bring this to the next level.

If you already own synth-Q, go grab these new presets right now. If you don't own synth-Q, please consider clicking on our App Store link below to go get it today!

[app 950094378]

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