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Emo Chorus – VirSyn’s new chorus app

Hot on the heels of their Tap Delay app, VirSyn has just released Emo Chorus. Adding to their collection of effects apps, Emo Chorus is, of course, a chorus app. Compact in size, universal, and with a user-friendly interface, this app should appeal to those looking to add little chorus to their sounds.

I say it all the time, but I'm a big fan of apps that utilize one screen for all of its controls, especially when it comes to effects apps. The iPad version of Emo Chorus shows both the visualization of the chorus output up top (more in that in a bit), as well as the main parameters dials and equalizer all within reach. The iPhone version separates these into three different screens, but quite nicely. Unless you really need to see the dots (or emoji faces), the eq screen and parameters screens on the iPhone will be all you'll need.

You probably noticed right away that Emo Chorus provides a "unique" visualization of the output - namely floating yellow emoji faces. This is probably a "love it or leave it" feature. My daughters loved it, while I found myself turning this off in the settings pretty quickly. Toggling this off will give you solid red dots instead.


iPad version

Emo Chorus ships with 20 presets. These cover a wide range of settings, from subtle chorus to wild, wobbly flanging.  Harking back to the easy-to-use interface, all of the parameters are front and center. These parameters are about what you'd expect - wet/dry, depth, feedback, delay time, rate, spread (width), and the "count", which is the number of choir voices used. This last one gets interesting. You can choose from between 1 and 128 voices.

The equalizer provides a very simple low pass and high pass filter interface, which can be adjusted very easily. I like using eq's like this, where I can see the visualization, rather than just dialing in numbers in dials or sliders. This entire interface is great for anyone performing live, as tweaks can be made to the large parameter settings without being too fiddly (the "anti-SugarBytes, if you will).


iPhone version, showing the parameters screen

Rather than being a massive multi-effects app like FLUX:FX or Turnado, Emo Chorus focuses on one goal.  It succeeds. Along with being universal, it also has an easy MIDI learn functionality. All of the parameters, including the LPF and HPF dials app can be controlled via MIDI.

If you're looking for a small, full-featured yet simple chorus effects app, Emo Chorus by VirSyn is a pretty easy recommend.

If you're thinking about buying Emo Chorus, please consider clicking through our App Store link below. Thanks!

[app 1031178668]

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