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Muckraker – The new distortion app from Matthew Caldwell

Developer Matthew Caldwell has just released another new iOS effects app, this one called Muckraker. This app is a distortion app that is capable of many dangerous things. Check out his video demo:

As you can see, this app has a wide range of tones, but it really excels at gritty, nasty distortion. This app sounds great with guitar, but can also do some positive damage to synths and drums as well. As with his previous Frobulator, the knobs here have some names that don't necessarily clue you into exactly what they'll do. The fun here is tweaking the knobs to find your sound.

You can check out a demo track from Matthew here:

Also similar to Frobulator, Muckraker is free of charge. So really, there's no point in reading any further. Just go get this app. If you like it, please be sure to leave a positive rating and review in the App Store. It's the least you can do to show your thanks.

If you're thinking about picking up Muckraker, please consider clicking through our App Store link below. Thanks!

[app 1018267293]

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