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Jam Maestro gets a big update in Version 3.2!

Jam Maestro by developer David Blake is an app that we've featured here quite a bit on iOS MARS. Both Ryan and myself are primarily guitarists, and this app is brilliant. I'm a self-taught guitarist who primarily learned how to play by reading as many Guitar World and GFTPM tab magazines as I could get my hands on. Guitar tablature is how I "see" my fretboard, and how I think about notes on guitar.

You can check out some of Ryan's excellent video tutorials here and here and here. Or check out this quick "How to make a Metal Song in 5 minutes using Jam Maestro" demo from the developer:

Today brought a big update in Version 3.2. Check out all the new features below:

- Bend / Slide / Hammer-On / Pull Off is now, finally, available to program in the sequencer (swipe the middle bar in the tab screen for options).
- Undo / Redo button (at the bottom of the side bar in the tab screen, plus shake to undo).
- Perform Vibrato / Bend using the accelerometer. Just enable 'bend' on the fretboard and shake the device.
- Using the left and right arrows on the tab screen now plays the notes that are selected as you scroll through.
- Disabled drum kits from listening to Midi OFF messages.
- 64-bit support.
- Optimized sound engine.
- Audiobus SDK 2.2.1
- Improved stability.
- Many bug fixes.

This app is incredibly deep. Being able to input notes either in tablature format, or by playing the virtual fretboard live is great. Not to be overlooked are the excellent drums in Jam Maestro. These are some great sounding acoustic rock drums. The full version of Jam Maestro features six different guitars sounds, three bass guitars, and sixteen different drum & percussion sets. Feel like using other apps for your sounds? Then use the MIDI out feature! Crazy.

Speaking of crazy, the full version of Jam Maestro is currently on sale at 90% off full price. You can go get this app for $0.99. This is not a typo. I implore you to go buy this app. I've barely even covered all of the features in Jam Maestro. Check out the website here for full details.

I'm primarily a rhythm guitarist, and I suck at playing solos. I've never spent much time learning or practicing scales. Thankfully for me, my "prime" was playing guitar in the Grunge era, where I could get away with playing squealing feedback and calling it a "solo" (thanks, Kurt Cobain!). But with Jam Maestro, I can use tablature to create some very authentic sounding solos. It has allowed me to get the sounds I hear in my head into my songs, even though my fingers can't play them. That's worth the price alone for me.

If you're thinking about buying Jam Maestro, please consider clicking through the App Store link below. Thanks!

[app 596628003]

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