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BIAS Pedal from Positive Grid – Create your own custom distortion pedals!

Positive Grid has just released the latest in their iOS effects apps. BIAS Pedal allows the user to custom-build their own distortion pedal, or tweak some of the existing preset pedals included in the app. Check out the launch video below:

Anyone who may have been following the development of BIAS Pedal may remember that this app was originally called "BIAS Distortion" until a recent name change. This would seem to indicate that there may be more effects pedals in the future (think flanger, chorus, etc.). But for now, distortion pedal lovers have the chance to crack open some stompboxes and tinker.

Much like Positive Grid's BIAS Amp, users can dig deep inside each pedal, altering everything from the pre- and post-eq, gain levels, transistors used, and much more. This does feel a lot like BIAS Amp, and is loads of fun to dial in different sounds.


BIAS Pedal also boasts a fairly remarkable feature in its "Tone Match" capabilities. I'll quote the press release here: "Tone Match technology analyzes and compares the currently selected pedal and the sound of a target tube pedal. It then executes the tonal compensation and enhancements needed to make any pedal’s sound accurately match that of the target pedal".

Positive Grid has also integrated BIAS Pedal into their previous app BIAS FX. What this means is that you can bring your custom pedal from BIAS Pedal right into your effects chain in BIAS FX, to use along side other effects apps. I really like the way that Positive Grid has created this ecosystem of apps working together. Bravo!

The developers have mentioned that they are working on launching the Tone Cloud for BIAS Pedals as well, again similar to their Jam Up and BIAS FX apps. Imagine the possibilities of sharing custom distortion pedals, modeled on existing hardware stompboxes. This is going to be fun.

What Positive Grid have done differently this time around is made BIAS Pedal a "freemium" app. That is, you can download the entire app for free, and have the option of buying the IAP after you've had a chance to test drive it. The base app comes with all of the amps and pedals unlocked, and you can tinker with them to find your sound. The IAP allows you to save those customized pedals and integrate them with BIAS FX.


I know everyone has their own opinion on IAP's for "full unlocked" versions of apps. In this instance, I think it's a great option. For free, you get some really nice sounding distortion pedals and amp sims. If that's all you want, you just scored for free. But, if the idea of tinkering around with the guts of a stompbox excite you, you can check out how deep you can get, all without paying a dime. If that's you, I suspect you'll find the IAP a small price to pay for this feature.

For those of you that also create music using your desktop, BIAS Pedal is also available to purchase for $99. That ain't me, so I don't have much to say about the desktop version, but you can check out the details here. There's also quite a few user-created YouTube demos of BIAS Pedal showing up already, so go take a look at those as well.

Again, the app is free, so there's nothing to lose in downloading. The app is iPad only, and requires at least iOS 8.0 to run it. As a guy who loves distortion, this app is sweet. You can go from some Mudhoney-style fuzz to some Pantera metal, and everything in between.  I've said it before, but I simply can't believe that apps like this exist at such an amazing price. Go get this app today.

If you're thinking about picking up BIAS Pedal, please consider clicking through our App Store link below. Thanks!

[app 1020011770]

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