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FLUX: FX play – Noiise brings their great effects app to iPhone

Noiise has just brought their fantastic effects app FLUX:FX over to iPhone in the app FLUX:FX play. As the iPad version is one of my favorite effects apps, I was very excited to hear that it would be available (in a slightly stripped-down version) for my iPhone. Check out this cool demo with a modular synth and FLUX:FX play:

You may have read my previous review of FLUX:FX when it was released in December of 2014 (if you didn't read it, you can find it here). I went into more detail in that review, and also included some sounds that I made using FLUX:FX. I'd suggest you go read that review, as the basics of the two apps are very similar.

I'd previously mentioned that FLUX:FX play is a "slightly stripped-down version" of the original iPad app. The effects are all the same, but the way that you can edit them is what has changed here. The sound engine remains, but with the iPhone version you don't get the full editing capabilities of the effects and the sequencer. But, if you own the iPad version, you can easily use your presets that you've created by saving them to Dropbox, and then opening them in the iPhone version.

This year I've been slowly acquiring hardware synths, and with that I've begun to use my iPhone as an effects device for my synths. My mainstay iPhone effects apps so far have been the AUFX apps, the Holderness Media apps, and the great stuff from apeSoft and Amazing Noises. Now, I'm thrilled to be able to add FLUX:FX play into my chain. This app offers a huge spectrum of possibilities, from simple distortion to mind-bending reverse effects, loops and stutters, and on and on.

At launch, the price of FLUX:FX play is only $4.99 USD. I'm not sure if that price will be going up soon, so you may want to grab it now. Additionally, at the time of this writing, Noiise has reduced the price of the iPad version down to $14.99. So, if you hadn't picked up FLUX:FX before, you can essentially buy both apps for the price of what FLUX:FX is normally priced at!

If you're thinking about buying FLUX:FX play, please consider clicking through our App Store link below. Thanks!

[app 1053050521]

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