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AudioShare gets an update…but read this first BEFORE updating!

The indispensable AudioShare app has just been updated, but I suggest reading the update notes first! Developer Jonatan Liljedahl gave users a heads-up in advance, that Apple has required him to remove the web browser functionality from AudioShare. This means that if you use AudioShare to download free user-created presets or samples, you will no longer be able to directly use AudioShare.

This is a bummer, as AudioShare is an amazing "all-in-one" app for storing samples. My suggestion is to save your current .ipa version of Audioshare (version 2.7.1) somewhere on your PC, so you can always revert back to that one.

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Here is a list of the updates on the new version:

What's New in Version 2.7.2

• Added setting for preferred hardware sample rate.
• Now allows recording in 48k and 96k sample rates.
• Show number of selected beats while trimming with beat-snap enabled.
• Don't stop audio when backgrounding if recorder MONITOR is active.
• Fixed measurement mode sometimes not taking effect.
• Fixed issue with VU-meter not displaying stereo signals correctly in some situations.
• Improved exporting of large files to Dropbox.
• Updates for iOS 9 and iPhone 6S.
• Updated Audiobus SDK.
• Various minor bugs has been fixed.
• Built-in web browser had to be removed, unfortunately.

So, if you rely on AudioShare for its web browser, you've been warned!

If you haven't bought AudioShare yet (and you should have), please consider clicking through our App Store link below. Thanks!

[app 543859300]

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