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SilQ Equalizer – A new 32 band stereo equalizer app from the maker of Guitar Capo+

SilQ Equalizer was recently released for iPad, filling the void for equalizer apps on iOS. The developer behind SilQ is TonAppAs, who also brought us the excellent Guitar Capo+ guitar emulation.


While there are a few equalizer apps available already on iOS (AUFX: PeakQ comes to mind), I do believe that none have the depth that SilQ Equalizer brings. Check out the details from the App Store below:

SilQ Equalizer is a sophisticated, high quality 32 band stereo equalizer supporting a great variety of audio inputs (including built-in microphone or hardware) as well as acting as an effect app through IAA and Audiobus.

Use SilQ Equalizer to get the feel you want from your track or mix and hit the 'RECORD' button to save the sound that you hear for later use.

Maybe you need an easy-to-use equalizer in your live setup?

The audible frequency spectre is divided into bands with 8 right/left sliders on each view. All center frequencies can be adjusted +/- 20dB.

Key features:
- 64 sliders to adjust gain in stereo
- Adjust gain +/- 20dB on each center frequency
- Multitouch to move several sliders at the same time
- Fast bypass mode for listening and comparing
- Auto mute to avoid feedback
- 4 main frequency bands (Bass/Low Mid/Upper Mid/Treble)
- Direct access to mask out and listen to each band
- A collection of factory presets ready to use for further tweaks
- Save you own presets for later use
- Audio recording
- Open your recordings in AudioShare
- Audiobus and IAA support

I'll admit to being a bit of a novice when it comes to eq apps. But, having a quick playaround with SilQ, I was able to stumble into some nice improvements on some of my old tracks. The interface is very well designed for the iPad's touchscreen. It is not difficult to see how the frequencies are separated into different sections, so you can easily  hone in on which areas need a bit of tweaking.

The app is iPad only, and does require iOS 8.4 and above to use. The app is currently selling at a launch price of $4.99, which is 40% off full price. I don't know how long the intro price will last, so you may want to grab it now.

If you're thinking about buying SilQ Equalizer, please consider clicking through our App Store link below. Thanks!

[app 1058816507]

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